Sighthound Video

People Detection. Not just motion detection.

Sighthound Video is surveillance software for homes and businesses that has been trained to monitor and recognize people and objects in the same way that a human brain works.

Sighthound Video is compatible with most IP cameras and webcams. Simply download the software on your desktop computer and follow the on-screen steps to setup your cameras. You can also download the optional mobile app to view Sighthound Video remotely.

Computer vision is the science of electronically perceiving and understanding an image. For decades computers have been blind – they have depended on humans to tag or label video in order to know what is happening in images. Now, computer vision has advanced to the stage where algorithms are used to detect, track and recognize objects and people in video streams. Soon, the ability to identify objects in video will become a baseline requirement for any video application or website. It will enable a wide range of new applications in entertainment, advertising and video search.