Easy Viewer IP Cam
Easy Viewer IP Cam is still an easy to use application for PC !
An efficient, handy and reliable software application designed to help you easily connect and monitor remote IP camera via IP address within one single window of your computer. This way, you can easily monitor your home over all your cameras from anywhere you can get Internet connection.

This application gives the possibility to record snapshot of each camera according to adjustable time interval. The record can be launch immediately or by motion detection function. User can adjust motion detection threshold per camera. After detection, application keep on recording during an adjustable time.

PTZ functions are available as motion and setting (set and go) of 10 preset camera position, jog functions, vertical and horizontal mirror and reboot camera function. Full screen selection is available. Moreover, this application gives the possibility to set URL command of the camera to get video stream instead of basic setting. User can check URL time response of each selected camera. All the camera parameters can be saved and load within a backup file (backup and restore function).