AZcendant IP Camera

AZcendant Time Lapse Webcam Software

The AZcendant IP Camera Filter allows you to view and capture videos from wired or wireless IP cameras. Ideal for surveillance, our IP Camera Filter allows you to stream footage from a security camera in real-time. You can view multiple IP camera time lapse sources simultaneously.

AZcendant is your source for time lapse camera software. HandyAvi is a video recording software application that allows you to make time-lapse and other types of videos using a digital camera. It works with webcams, video boards, USB/video adapter, IP cameras, and any video recording device with a DirectShow driver.

Just set up the camera, and HandiAvi software will selectively record only the things you want to view. With HandiAvi, anyone with a yearning and passion for webcam photography can experiment with their own webcam right from home.